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Getting Started

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Do you like this look? A lot of people do but it may not be your cup of tea. While you are dreaming about your new home and reading some timber frame books and magazines, cut out pictures of the things you like, and don't like and build a scrap book in a loose-leaf binder. Make lots of notes on sticky pads and attach them to the pictures. We call this scrapbook your portfolio and we refer to it often during the design process. We have found it to be an invaluable tool in getting your desires and dreams together in a building design. Over the years our clients have been remarkably creative and diligent in putting this information together. Let your imagination run wild. It is time well spent not to mention a lot of fun. You may also find that your spouse has different ideas about your home. Now is a good time to work out your needs and differences.

We provide a questionnaire, called a Building Program that asks numerous questions about the home you wish to build. The questions range from size and proximity of rooms, to color and a texture preference for interior and exterior finishes. Be honest with your answers. The more clearly we understand your desires and requirements, the closer we can get to your final design.

Plan a visit to Red Suspenders and bring your portfolio and building program. When you come to visit, I will show you the place and set aside some personal time to discuss your home project. Visitors are a pleasure, not a burden!

Up to now, you haven't spent a cent (except for some books and magazines) and you are already well along to realizing your dream. The next step is ../designing/designing.aspx design.

Just the Facts:

  • Use our Building Program to help define your requirements and desires. You will find links at the bottom of this column.
  • Building a portfolio is how you communicate your vision to us.
  • Visit us at Red Suspenders and we will show you around and discuss your project with you.
  • Attend a Timber Frame Home Show.
  • Attend our Design Seminar.
  • Play with some floor plans to get a feel of your space requirements.
  • Cut out pictures from books and magazines and put notes on each picture to tell us what you like and dislike.
Building Program (323K PDF)

Large file ready to print easy to read but longer download. Acrobat 5.0 format

Building Program (HTML)
Much smaller file, difficult to print but
faster download.

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