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Finishing the Timbers

Image Not Available Once all of the joinery is finished and checked and the timber passes inspection, we apply the finishing touches. Richard is hand planning this timber to produce a very smooth finished surface. Hand planning removes any surface imperfections and brings the timber into final tolerances... it also produces a lot of shavings! Hand finishing is usually done in the Layout Barn where we have a lot of room to spread out. Each timber receives the same treatment so there is a lot of hand work invested in each post, girt and plate that leaves the shop.
Richard takes a lot of care finishing all the timbers. Here is using a belt sander to level out a stubborn area on a post. . Image Not Available
Image Not Available Once he is satisfied that the work, he will apply Okene Danish Antique Oil Finish to each timber. Okene is an excellent oil finish available from Pratt & Lambert paint company and the finish we use is clear but you can see how it brings out the natural beauty of the wood.
Keith is working on the braces which will be used in the frame. Braces are produced in Braceland which is located adjacent to the Layout Barn. Keith is using a table planner to size the braces prior to cutting the tenons on each end. We can produce a variety of braces to fit many different designs. Braces are an art form in themselves and you can see different varieties in the homes in our Galleries section. Image Not Available