Red Suspenders Timber Frames

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A new timber frame home by: Red Suspenders Timber Frames Inc.
Designed by: Tim Chauvin and Robert Hinton
Architectural Drawings by: Robert Hinton
General Contractor: Larry Ash, Pagosa Springs
This project portfolio is provided by Red Suspenders so that you may share in the development and fabrication of a timber frame home we raised in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This classic "H" design red oak timber frame reflects the pride and craftsmanship of style desired by our clients. The setting is nothing short of magnificent with stunning views from the great room and master bedroom. We hope you enjoy visiting this site and encourage you to see the other areas of our web site for additional information
Remember that there is a lot to see so please be patient as all the images load on your computer screen. Follow along in the commentary to see the actual work we performed. As always, if you have any questions, please e-mail us or call.
Plans and elevations

Cutting the Timbers

Planing (the first dimensional cut)

Layout (transferring dimensions to the timbers)

Cutting the Mortises and Braces

Cutting Purlins, Cords and Post

Cutting the Plates and Rafters

Cutting the Girts and Floor Joist

Cutting the Braces and Splines

Finishing the Timbers