Red Suspenders Timber Frames

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Report 10-5

Today we are finishing the last of the big timbers and cleaning out the shop. Doug is already packing all of the raising equipment to make the trip to the construction site. We will load the timbers tomorrow and hope it doesn't rain.

Richard is applying the final oil finish to one of the timbers. We use Pratt and Lambert's Okene Danish Antique Oil Finish and apply it with a rag to produce a light even coat of oil. You can see how the timber has taken on a deeper more lustrous color where the oil has been applied. The timbers should require no additional finishing but some home owners apply a second coat when cleaning the frame after the home is finished. Southern Yellow Pine will darken with age, producing a deeper richer color with reddish highlights. The more the timbers are exposed to UV rays, the faster they will change color. Image Not Available
Image Not Available An empty shop is a happy shop! All of the timbers have been finished and the last joint has been cut. Will has cleaned the shop and putting away all the tools in preparation for the next project.
Of course it would rain when we started loading the frame! But fear not, all of the timbers are covered in black plastic and sealed against the weather. Once the frame has been loaded, it will be covered with additional tarpaulins and securely strapped to the trailer. Doug has loaded his tools and the framing crew is standing by. The frame will arrive on the job site Monday and should be raised by the end of the week. Image Not Available


The project is finished and another timber home is on its way to a new home owner.