Red Suspenders Timber Frames

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Report 9-30

Today we are running the largest timbers through the timber sizer. The timbers came out of the dry kiln yesterday evening. These timbers make up the plates in the great room and loft area. Because of their size, it takes the whole crew to handle them.

This timber is one of the two main plates for the great room and are the largest single timbers in the home. This is also some of the largest timbers we've run through the timber sizer. In fact, this one got stuck halfway through and had to be rescued by Tim! It all worked out OK but sometimes a one thousand pound timber has a mind of its own! Image Not Available
Image Not Available The second plate went through the timber sizer without problems. Tim is at the drive wheel as Will looks on. The bright area in the background is wood snow! The timber sizer plans all four sides of the timber at the same time.
The finished plate was so long that Keith had difficulties maneuvering it from the roller system in the Layout Barn. The plate finished out very nicely. Image Not Available
Image Not Available Keith starts planing the braces for the home in Braceland. We use a smaller bench planer to get the desired smooth finish on each brace. The tenons have yet to be cut but that's next.
This is the last timber in the shop. All of the mortis joints have been cut and Keith will finish the remaining work by hand. We all feel rather proud that the work is coming to a close and it appears that everything went rather well. Image Not Available
Image Not Available End sealer has been applied to the joint faces on all of the timbers. You can see that the joint face has a slightly more yellow color. End sealer seals the end grain of the timber against moisture loss which helps control checking across the timber ends.