Red Suspenders Timber Frames

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Report 9-15

We start the layout process with Doug working in the Layout Barn. Keith begins work on the frame joinery. It is still hot in Nacogdoches in mid September but we are expecting the first cool front of the Fall later in the week.

Doug is preparing to layout the joinery detail on one of the timbers to be used in your frame. When we layout joinery detail, we actually make line drawings directly on the timber surface to the exact dimensions specified in the construction drawings. Doug also examines the timber to determine upon which face braces and other frame details will be placed. Image Not Available
Image Not Available Richard is checking Doug's work to ensure layout was done correctly. Richard assumes there are mistakes and must verify every detail before he approves of Doug's work and allows the timber to move to the next stage.
Keith is finishing out a shoulder joint on a post. The shoulder joint will support a girt attached to the post. Girts run between post and plates set on top of post... that's how you tell the difference! Image Not Available
Image Not Available You can see a close up the shoulder joint and the precise measurements drawn on the timber facing this image. When Keith finishes the joint, Richard will check it again to ensure it is done correctly. When the timber is hand planed and finished, all of the marks will be removed.
The tenons will be cut on this post next. You can see the markings at the end of the timber indicating how this tenon is to be cut. We are checking all of the layout drawings to insure we have the correct angles and depths for each cut. Image Not Available