Red Suspenders Timber Frames

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This view is looking into the kitchen/dinning area from the entryway with the kitchen area off to the right side of the picture. The ceiling heights in the dinning and kitchen area are 10' to create a more intimate setting. The kitchen design takes the 1930's theme a bit further as can be seen in the period cabinet work and the Elmira Stoveworks period design range and oven. The Elmira Stoveworks range is all electric and completely modern, but built to resemble a wood burning stove. Not seen are the three-bay Pella windows over the sink and counter top area presenting a view of the forest area to the north of the house. Overhead track lighting using quartz lamps provide controllable illumination allowing the home owners to set different lighting levels. The entry way to the left of the cabinet and stove leads to surround porches and a western red cedar stairway to the pebble stone walkway from the Car barn. Notice how nicely the recycled flooring and timber frame blend in both color and texture. The dinning table is an old library table taken from the now demolished public library in Shawnee Oklahoma.

Construction Details:

  • Timber frame is recycled Douglas fir taken from Canada.
  • Flooring is recycled longleaf southern yellow pine from a salvaged sugar mill.
  • Elmira Stoveworks period stove. Overhead track lighting illuminates the dinning area.
  • 1x8 T&G "V" groove matching ceiling in the kitchen/dinning area.
  • Pella Designer Series windows using tempered glass.