Red Suspenders Timber Frames

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Front Entrance
This front entrance is what visitors first see when entering the home through the antique Douglas fir front doors, located at the right of this picture. The entryway makes a dramatic statement about what is to follow when one enters the rest of the home. The entryway has been used in wedding photographs, a national commercial for AT&T and was featured in an article in Texas Monthly magazine in 2001. It is one of the most impressive design elements in home.

This view is taken from the media room (directly behind the photographer) toward the dinning/kitchen area and loft. The handrails, balusters and post were built from new southern yellow pine timbers while the floor and stair risers were made from recycled longleaf pine salvaged from a turn of the century sugar mill in Mississippi. Notice how nicely all of the different woods compliment each other Using mixed woods in a timber frame home adds extra interest and visual appeal. The eye is drawn to the stairs as an integrated structure. The floor seems to flow up the stairs to the loft.

The lost above the dinning/kitchen area is open to the full view of the timber frame roof structure and overlooks both the great room and the entry way.

Construction Details:

  • Timber frame is recycled Douglas fir taken from Canada.
  • Flooring is recycled longleaf southern yellow pine from a salvaged sugar mill.
  • Stair parts are made from new southern yellow pine.
  • All of the doors and trim are southern yellow pine.
  • The interior ceiling was made from 1x8 T&G "V" groove southern yellow pine which was left unfinished.

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