Red Suspenders Timber Frames

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The Car barn is a very special place. It matches the main house in every way but is a functional office/workshop arrangement. The 800sqft upstairs apartment/office is finished and air-conditioned space that utilizes a Carrier heat pump system. The office area features a secluded back deck with a private rear entrance, a full bath/shower with interior storage, and Southern Yellow Pine flooring throughout. The Car barn has separate utility and phone service (up to 10 incoming lines) from the main house, a high-speed networked satellite Internet access system and wiring for a computer network.

The main shop below is accessed from the office by an interior stairwell and two insulated side doors. The solid and heavy Western Red Cedar barn doors at the front hang from hand forged hinges and locking hardware and use traditional carriage lamps at the entrance. The downstairs shop features a finished and air-conditioned office, built-in cabinets for storage, a dedicated work area, full utility sink, ample back room storage and a sealed concrete floor. There is ample room for three classic cars and a complete maintenance and service area. The left side of the Car barn features full RV hookups and a 120VAC, 30amp electrical service. There is enough flat concrete area around the structure to accommodate a full sized class "A" RV with additional truck and trailer parking. Two additional 120VAC weather sealed outlets are at the front of the Car barn to accommodate automotive service equipment if desired.

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The Car barn is a timber frame made from southern yellow pine as you can see in this image on the left. The SIPs seen in the foreground are polystyrene as we felt the barn did not need the high R value of the main house.

The upstairs is an apartment/office for the home owner

Image Not Available Tim is positioning one of the roof trusses to be lifted into place. Notice the iron tie rods just above his head. These rods are mostly decorative. Although they do add some strength to the structure, they are not required.
Image Not Available Keith and Doug are installing the last of the apartment roof trusses Because this was a small span, no center King Post was required. Rusty is installing one of the timber floor beams.
Image Not Available The Car barn has been enclosed and the roof and windows added. Notice that the structure is wrapped in Tyvek to seal it from moisture intrusion. The strips of wood you see along the top and side of the structure are nailing strips for the clapboard siding.

Construction Details:

  • Foundation is traditional post tension slab over piers.
  • Surround parking area is hand washed pebble stone concrete flat work.
  • Trim and post are Western Red Cedar treated with an oak tone wood preservative.
  • Clapboard siding is face nailed Southern Yellow Pine treated with a cedar tone wood preservative.
  • Deck at rear (not seen here) is 15'x15' accessible from office and private back stairway.
  • Metal "5V Crimp" panel Porch roof.
  • Main roof is 50 year composite concrete shingles.
  • Barn Doors are hand made from Western Red Cedar timbers and feature hand made wrought iron hardware.
  • Period style outside lamps are from Renovation Fixtures.
  • Front windows and rear private entrance are Pella Designer Series. Side windows are matching energy efficient windows from 3M.
  • Wall system is polystyrene SIPs with an "R" value of 15.
  • Office is heated and cooled by a heat pump. Downstairs is unconditioned space.
  • Office flooring is finished southern yellow pine 1x6 flooring.
  • Garage floor is seal against oil and water.