Red Suspenders Timber Frames

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In this image, you are looking out from the main loft above the kitchen/dinning area on the north side of the home, toward the winged stairs leading up from the entryway and toward the upstairs guest bedrooms at the southern end of the home. The main loft is open from floor to ceiling and overlooks the great room below. This open design allows the homeowner ample room to arrange the loft in any manner, from an entertainment area to a home office. Upstairs track lighting is controllable to allow different light levels and accents for intimate conversation to lively entertainment. During the winter months, heat from the wood-burning stove below fills the loft with warmth and makes this a favorite area for winter reading and relaxing. The main loft features it's own HVAC zone and superior insulation which keeps it cool during the hot summer months.

Notice the "X" brace theme is carried through the upper bracing of the entryway between the main sections of the home. This "X" brace motif is used throughout the house and the Car barn. The loft in the foreground and the adjacent loft in the guest area are carpeted, which controls reflected sound from below. The loft in the guest area separates the two guest bedrooms and makes a nice setting and mini library area, with built-in bookcases and indirect track lighting. The spacious upstairs guest rooms and loft feature their own HVAC system, huge closets, carpeting and central full bath. The bedroom to the left features floor to ceiling windows that offer a dramatic view of the drive to the house and the forest area to the east. The bedroom on the right is a bit more private and features smaller windows which offer long distance views of the surrounding hills of Argyle. There is ample room upstairs for guest or children and storage for other items if needed. The home can accommodate most any active lifestyle.<

Construction Details:

  • Main loft over kitchen/dinning area features an open floor plan and is open to the ceiling.
  • Southern yellow pine stair rails and balusters carried throughout the main loft and the smaller guest loft.
  • Carpeted lofts control reflected sound from below.
  • Hot water heater is exclusive for use in both the upstairs guest rooms and downstairs master bath.
  • Guest loft makes a nice setting area for the guest rooms
  • Guest rooms share the central upstairs bath.
  • Both the main loft and guest loft feature separate HVAC systems.
  • "X" brace motif carried through out the house and Car barn.