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Raising the Frame
Image Not Available The frame has been delivered on site to Argyle Texas. Things are getting exciting as the crew begins assembling the frame "on the ground"... well in this case, on the sub-floor. The forklift you see is one of the pieces of equipment we need to move material around the construction site. This one is called a Skytrack. When you raise your frame, you too will need to arrange for the equipment used on the site. Your GC usually performs this task because he generally knows where and how to rent the equipment.
Tim is standing next to another piece of equipment we need on the construction site. This crane was driven to the site daily and was used to hoist the assembled pieces of the frame into place. Notice the Red Suspenders. Its a sign of a seasoned professional in our shop and they help hold Tim's paints up. We are all thankful for that! Image Not Available
Image Not Available The first two bents are together and the frame assembly is going well. At this point, the frame is held together by straps and hand winches which apply compression to the frame joints holding them in place. We make sure the frame is properly aligned before pegging the timbers together. It is almost impossible to remove pegs once they are driven into place.
One of the guys is testing a particular part of the frame to make sure it is done properly. You can see the slings and winches used to hold the frame together in this picture. We really stress safety on the job and Rusty is wearing his hard hat. It is a lot of fun to see the frame come together and take on a form of its own. Image Not Available
Image Not Available The completed frame is a thing of beauty in its complexity and craftsmanship. I really thought about leaving it like this but Bev put her foot down and made me finish the home. I guess she was right in this.
It almost broke my heart to see the ugly panels placed over the frame hiding its natural beauty... but you gotta have walls! The panel crew uses a crane to hoist the panels into place. Image Not Available
Image Not Available All of the panels are in place and I can't find my beautiful frame anywhere but at least it's beginning to look like a home. I decided to wrap the house in Tyvek to further control moisture intrusion. I am not sure this step was absolutely necessary but now I'm sure I wont have problems with moisture.