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Finishing the Project
Image Not Available It was a pleasure watching this magnificent home come to life and you can see more pictures of it in the Galleries section. But, after the frame and SIPs were installed, we were still almost 10 months away from having all the work finished. It would be too much to cover all of the construction details on this Web site but here is the order in which the home was finished.


Finishing out your home:

  • Usually the first thing your GC will do in put a roof on the structure. This protects your roof panels and helps seal the structure against rain and water intrusion. If the frame and panels get wet before you dry in the house, they will usually dry without any problems. But of course, extended wetness isn't good for any structure so you need to work quickly to get the structure sealed.
  • Since all of the door and window openings are already cut by the panel crew, your GC will usually proceed by installing all of the doors and windows. This lets you secure the property and further seals the house against the weather.
  • Most GC will then start on the exterior structure of the home installing decks and exterior wall treatments. If the weather turns bad, he may move into the home and work out of the weather building the interior walls.
  • Once all of the interior walls are in place, next comes plumbing, electrical and HVAC. In our home, most of the utilities were run in the crawl space but your home may be different.
  • Once the utilities are in place, your GC will have the interior walls finished and start building things like cabinets and stairs. Finishing details like floors and painting always come last.