Red Suspenders Timber Frames

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Final sawing and arch test

John has begun the final sawing for the project and is producing the 1x boards that will be used to create the laminated arches. We are running test on the arch forms to ensure they are accurately built and to test some new glues. Joinery cutting is still in progress and the final load of timbers is still drying.

Image Not Available John has selected the logs that will become the arches in the great room and bedroom. Here he is "bucking" the log to length he needs prior to actually sawing the 1x boards used to build the laminated the arches.
Once the log is bucked, it is moved to the saw mill for cutting. Hydraulic lifters move the log onto the cutting platform. Image Not Available
Image Not Available John has already made the first pass cut and is measuring the center section to accurately align the log on the cutting platform. The 1x boards he is producing must fit specific measurements for width, length and thickness and must be perfectly squared to the grain of the log.
You can see here how the log is first being squared before the 1x boards are cut. John is working on the final face of the log. Image Not Available
Image Not Available The log has been squared and all faces are at 90 degree angles. John has made the first cut of 1x and is finishing his second pass for board #2. The crew has laid the first board aside to be run through the edger.
Mike is running the first board through the edger. The edger cuts the sides of the board to exact widths and squares the edges. The sides cut from the board are run through the chipper and will be recycled. The 1x board has been cut to the proper dimensions and is ready for the kiln but first we must protect it from blue stain mold. Image Not Available
Image Not Available The edged board is being placed in a bath of nontoxic mold retarder. The solution coats the outside fibers of the board and helps retard mold formation. It is not 100% effective so we must get the 1x boards into the kiln as soon as possible. We constantly fight mold formation on 1x material. The mold is not toxic but leaves a bluish pigment in the wood fibers that detracts from the natural beauty of the wood. These timbers are scheduled for the kilns tomorrow.
Meanwhile, back at the Timber Shop, the crew is running the first of several test of the arch forms. This is the arch form for the master bedroom. A test 1x board has been placed on the form and held in place by several clamps. Once we begin the process of laminating an arch, clamps will be placed in each 2x4 seen on the form which will apply equal pressure to the laminates. We have ordered some different glues to test which are new on the market. We will test the strength and workability of these glues before actually building the arches. This stuff is complicated and a slip-up here would cost us lots of time not to mention pride! So far, everything is working as it should and we are pleased with the results. Image Not Available
Image Not Available Here are some of the first post and girts out of the shop. There are several important things to see in this picture. First notice that all of the timbers have been marked to identify where they belong in the frame. Also note that the ends appear slightly darker than the timber faces. The ends have been coated with end sealer which protects the end and prevents excess moisture loss which could cause the timber to check or move. Any changes in the dimensions of the timbers at this point would make raising the frame very difficult. Also notice the finished shoulder mortises and tenons and how clean the joinery appears. These timbers are not yet finished and will be hand planed and oiled before wrapping for storage and shipping.