Red Suspenders Timber Frames


This particular timber frame home keeps the owners of Red Suspenders out of the weather. Designed by and largely built by Tim Chauvin, it has many unique features.

An eclectic blend of styles including Texas farmhouse, Craftsman and Prairie, this home is welcoming and comfortable. The warm textures and colors of natural, and to a large extent recycled, materials reflect light in a wide range of hues. Numerous windows and French doors extend the interior out into the hay meadow, forest and pond. The extensive wrap-around porches provide a classic transition between the outside and inside environments while providing shade from the summer sun. As with most of the houses we design and craft, the house is extremely energy efficient. This 2,000 square-foot all-electric house averages about $60 worth of electricity use each month.

The frame was crafted from recycled Douglas Fir timber salvaged from an outdated sawmill in Longview, Washington. After their annual conference held in Nacogdoches in March 1994, many members of the Timber Framers Guild of North America stayed an extra day to help cut and raise parts of the frame.

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All Photographs by Roger Wade