Red Suspenders Timber Frames

Timber Frame Homes Cover This spectacular timber framed home was featured in Timber Frame Homes magazine in 1997. It has appeared on at least two covers.
The design of this home was a collaboration between Architect Charlie Burris of College Station and Red Suspenders Timber Frames. Mr. Burris was responsible for the overall design while we were responsible for the timber frame design. This collaboration has produced several other timber frame homes of note.
The graceful arches and soaring ceilings of this home give it a majestic yet comfortable feel. In addition to the four complimentary main arches the frame also features some very intricate joinery and finely crafted details, such as the teardrops at the base of the kingposts and the arched and embellished ceiling joists in the dining room.
This frame was crafted from kiln dried Southern Yellow Pine harvested in East Texas. The finish is a white wash that mutes the woods natural golden brown color, while allowing the grain to show.
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